Emily the Strange - Piece of Mind (Emily the Strange)

Do it yourself; think for yourself; be yourself. The iconic, free-spirited, rebellious and bestselling YA graphic novel series, Emily the Strange is a cult classic: perfect for fans of Wednesday and Heartstopper.

Emily the Strange is back for her fourth amazing and intriguing adventure.
Her Strange To-do List includes:
1. Lose (and regain) mind
2. Reprogramme golem
3. Locate secret book vault
4. Commune with Dead Dark Aunts
5. Rescue Cousin Jakey
6. Redecorate souvenir kiosk
7. Thwart Thought Thief
8. Endure hero worship
9. Grant ancestral enemy’s deepest wish
10. Save cat-napped kitty
11. Summon black rock
12. Defeat Shady Uncles
13. Guard family legacy & claim inheritance!
Told in Emily’s established diary format, it features her strong, unique first-person narrative. The books are illustrated with black-and-red art representing Emily’s own sketches, doodles and archival photographs.

Format: Hardback
Ageband: from 12
Release Date: 14 Mar 2024
Pages: 288
ISBN: 978-0-00-745400-6