Emily the Strange - Lost Days (Emily the Strange)

Do it yourself; think for yourself; be yourself. The iconic, free-spirited, rebellious and bestselling YA graphic novel series, Emily the Strange is a cult classic: perfect for fans of Wednesday and Heartstopper.

Emily is not your average thirteen-year-old girl. She wears the same black dress every day. She loves maths and science. Her best friends are four black cats and she’s into old rock and punk music. Emily is anything but typical and so is this exciting series of novels about her life.

13 elements you will find in the first Emily the Strange novel:
• Mystery
• A beautiful golem
• Souped-up slingshots
• Four black cats
• Amnesia
•Calamity Poker
• Angry ponies
• A shady truant officer
• Top-13 lists
• A sandstorm generator
• Doppelgangers
• A secret mission

Format: ebook
Ageband: from 12
Release Date: 24 Oct 2013
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-754215-4

Praise for Emily the Strange - Lost Days -

”'I had only heard of Emily The Strange in passing, and didn't really know much about the books, comics, or product line However, I'm already in love with the character and the way the stories are told. It reminds me of a very intelligent version of Greg Heffley from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series, except that instead of it being almost entirely graphic novel, it's part novel, part graphics, and part a whole bunch of other interesting stuff.” - Amazon Review

”'This has quickly become one of my new favorite books, and I've recommended it to several people already. It's a great read for anyone with an afternoon free, but its target age will be 9-13 year olds.” - Amazon Review

”'Hard to imagine a better book” - Genrefluent Teens Blog Review