Brielle and Bear - Brielle and Bear: Once Upon a Time (Brielle and Bear, Book 1)

By Salomey Doku

A stunningly illustrated and brilliantly told love story perfect for teen readers – the first in an exquisite full-colour graphic novel series

Fairytale Rule No.1: All the best fairytales start with ‘Once upon a time . . .’

First-year student Brielle, a daydreamy book lover, knows everything there is to know about fairytales. Returning to the city of Rosebridge four years after moving away, she attends Once Upon a Time University, with the intention of living her fairytale dream. And when she meets Bear, shy vice-captain of the Princes rugby team, at the bookshop where she works, Brielle’s dream is off to a good start.

Determined to forget the past, and with an unexpected new relationship blossoming, Brielle feels she’s finally living the dream. That is, until she discovers that she’s not the only one hiding something . . .

Format: ebook
Ageband: from 13
Release Date: 29 Aug 2024
Pages: None
ISBN: 978-0-00-861758-5
Salomey Doku is a self-taught author-illustrator from Leeds. Originally trained in architecture, she started watercolour painting in 2018 and quickly fell in love with the art of storytelling. When she is not drawing, she is either daydreaming, going on long walks, at church, or talking to her pet hedgehog Strawberry. Brielle & Bear is her first graphic novel@salomeydraws | @sa.dokuillo |

”'Brielle and Bear is a fun and fresh graphic novel suitable for all kinds of readers. It’s a modern-day fairytale story packed with romance, drama and books - a triple threat” - Rachel Faturoti

”'A gorgeous fairytale of magic and romance that will sweep you under its spell, Brielle and Bear is a book-shaped hug. From the beautifully rendered illustrations to the tale of hopes and dreams, this is the graphic novel that will live in every teen’s backpack, passed between friends and treasured for many years” - Rachel Greenlaw

”'Beautiful story, beautiful artwork - this is the fairytale romance of your dreams” - Hannah Gold

”'Brielle and Bear is beautiful in every sense; the story is a warm hug and the artwork a feast for the eyes. I LOVED it!” - Aisling Fowler